Avoid Incorrect Odometer Reading Fines

Purchasing fuel for university-owned vehicles is simple. However, authorized users must follow the protocols accurately to avoid unwanted fees. As a part of the fuel purchasing process, users must enter the correct odometer reading when visiting gas stations. This step is crucial to Fleet Services’ operations and data-recording process. However, Fleet Services has seen an […]

Renting a Vehicle Through Fleet Services

Fleet Services is the university’s one-stop shop for government-owned vehicles. Our department is primarily known for our vehicle purchasing services, but did you know you can rent a car instead? Our vehicle rental service is an excellent transportation resource for staff members traveling out of town for conferences or student organizations going on a field […]

Authorized Parking for University-Owned Vehicles

Having a university-owned vehicle is a valuable resource for departments who travel on and off campus. However, these vehicles are not exempt from following the university parking regulations. One common violation is parking a university-owned vehicle in an unauthorized stall. University-owned vehicles are authorized to park in the following locations: ‘U’ permitted stalls Pay By […]

The GasCard Guide

Are you familiar with the GasCard system used for university-owned vehicles? If not, look no further. Check out our ‘GasCard Guide’ to learn more about the GasCard system and how to purchase fuel correctly.   WHAT ARE GASCARDS? GasCards are the form of payment used by authorized users when purchasing fuel for a university-owned vehicle. […]

What Fleet Services Offers

ABOUT FLEET SERVICES Fleet Services is the university’s resource for government-owned vehicles. As one of the ten Auxiliary Services at the U, our department offers convenient and flexible transportation solutions, including short and long-term leases, repair and maintenance services, fueling resources and more. Here are the main services our department offers:    DAILY VEHICLE RENTALS […]